Thursday, 10 April 2014

New Stock: It's Shoe Time!

90s zip up Dr Marten's, size UK 5

60s brown sling-backs by 'Miss Holmes', UK 3-4

90s blue leather sandals, UK 6

These strange little beauties are fold-able 60s pumps/slippers, UK 4-5

These are oldies, probably 40s, UK 6 and made in Southampton!

Stiff leather, steel heeled black leather booties, UK 4

Awesome huge platform black 90s boots, UK 5

A very similar pair to the ones above but UK 7

Hardly worn brand new Dr Marten's, UK 6

Amazing brown suede lace up knee-high boots, UK 7

And these are my favourite of course! Truly fantastic 60s/70s gold platform sandals, UK 5.5-6

It's looking like a shoe week next week, so roll up! roll up! for some fantastic bargains aplenty! X


  1. Wow, all these shoes are gorgeous. I am particularly fond of the 60s slippers (they're so colorful and odd) and those gold sandals! I also wanted to thank you for adding me to your circle. Have a great week!


  2. They're so weird aren't they! Very handy though for throwing into a bag as a flat alternative! Thanks for the add back, you have a great week too! X