Thursday, 24 April 2014

Twists and a Rosette

Some photos of a twisty hairdo and a rosette I made a few weeks ago one evening very quickly out of scraps of fabric, floristry ribbon and a dried flower. For some reason I sewed a safety pin on to it but have never worn it, so decided to and I really like the idea of making these now... This object won't last a long time wearing, eventually it'll fall apart because it wasn't really constructed with wearing in mind, but I like that. I'll make them with seasonal flowers and scraps of textures I'm feeling inspired by at the moment and when they fall apart I'll make new ones depending on how I'm feeling and what I like at the time. I'm interested in combining the things I make with what I wear on a daily basis so here's to exploring that a lot more! X


  1. I really love that hairstyle--I often forget that sometimes, it's better not to tease it or put it up, so I'll definitely try it out sometime soon. I'm always picking up flowers off the ground but they always end up getting dried out; I think that this is a very good idea to make rosettes out of them. And I especially love how you plan on using all sorts of different scraps and textures and colors to create something unique and pretty. Have a nice day (your cat is adorable)!


  2. Thanks Tessie! <3 If you ever make a rosette I'd love to see it! It's really nice being able to put little bits and pieces together to make something new and wearable but something that isn't too *precious* y'know? Usually I start making things which take months to make, like the patchwork bag I made or the kimono I'm still working on and these things take so long and have had so much effort put into them they don't stay fun in the making or wearing! Anyway I think making things quickly is good sometimes. Have a great day too! My cat says hi to ya! X